List of open source captive portal software and network access control (NAC)

I have listed here some open source captive portal software and network access control (NAC) systems.

Last updated on : 19 Sep 2014

Open Source/Free

  1. ChilliSpot –
  2. Wifidog –
  3. PacketFence –
  4. HotSpotPA –
  5. CoovaChilli –
  6. Utangle –
  7. pfSense –
  8. PepperSpot –
  9. Zeroshell –
  10. m0n0wall –
  11. Kattive –
  12. EasyHotSpot –
  13. GRASE Hotspot –
  14. BrazilFW –

Closed Source/Paid

  1. FirstSpot – (for Windows)
  2. antamedia – (hotspot manager for windows)
  3. polkaspots –

Disclaimer: I have collected the list of captive portals/firewalls when I was working on a network products, but no longer. So I rarely maintain this list and the list is here just a information sharing. If you found any thing is not correct kindly post it in comment, so I can correct it.

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  1. Hi,

    I need to create a captive portal but I dont know what open source solution is better to begining. I need a flexible solution because I want to customize it. Could someone give me an advice or tell me some experience with it?

  2. so always to user my-hotspot this software run on windows 8 7 xp vista, is very easy working and config, tralslate in 3 lenguaje, deutch, english, french, and many lenguaje in front end the system, login sms include, sorry mi english is limited. am latin, i tralslate part to the code for spanish is very easy translate the code. my-hotspot incude ticketstation ande solution for tablet hotspot, is a cool program. now version 13 link

  3. Hi, Is there any open source social wifi solution for login through facebook / twitter like Purple Wifi?

    We are also looking for an open source and completely free captive portal (preferably cloud based) which has verification through sms. Could you suggest the ones from the list above?

  4. Hi there. I would like to control the amount of data each user has. Which products would br most suitable. I looked at PFSense, but data control is on a time basis instead of amount of data transferred. I would like to control the amount of data transferred to and from the user.

  5. Hello,

    Very new to this, but maybe someone can help me.

    I have a bar downtown and would like to offer wifi for my customers. Id like it so they would have to go through a portal that collects the users email address for future promotions, specials, etc..

    Can someone direct me please? Ive looked into the links above and I am just lost.

    Thank you

  6. Hey thank you for that awesome list. Maybe you want to add additional information to your table, eg. the last update of the project etc. For example Wifidog last release was 2009 and I consider this project as discontinued.

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    • Hi, I think I can help you. most of the captive portals are based on Linux. So it is simply building your own customized minimal Linux OS with only and the right tools that you need.

      So it requires quite deep knowledge in Linux and Customization. (refer to create your own custom distro.

      Once you have your custom distro then it is simply adding the required application on top of it. In fact you can even use distros like ubuntu, debinan, fedora etc…

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