Luxury comes at the cost by killing your ambitions and dreams, Don’t let that Happen to You.

Secrets of Great Design

Tony Fadell shares some of the secrets of great design.

  • Look Broader
  • Look Closer
  • Think Younger [Think like a kid]

Startup – Without Finding a Problem you can’t Solve a Problem

The important skill needed for an entrepreneurs or founder of STARTUP is Problem Finding, but typical B-Schools and institutes teaches is Problem Solving. Both are important skill but

Without Finding a Problem you can’t Solve a Problem.

Checkout this TED Talk

Choosing a career

Its end of May, almost all the school results are out, most of the TV channels, ads are all about what to study next. Consider this video before choosing a next education that’s going to determine your career. All the best.

What if the Earth STOPS Spinning

What if the Earth STOPS Spinning

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What are you feeding your family

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Some one is spying….

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