Secrets of Great Design

Tony Fadell shares some of the secrets of great design.

  • Look Broader
  • Look Closer
  • Think Younger [Think like a kid]

Startup – Without Finding a Problem you can’t Solve a Problem

The important skill needed for an entrepreneurs or founder of STARTUP is Problem Finding, but typical B-Schools and institutes teaches is Problem Solving. Both are important skill but

Without Finding a Problem you can’t Solve a Problem.

Checkout this TED Talk

Choosing a career

Its end of May, almost all the school results are out, most of the TV channels, ads are all about what to study next. Consider this video before choosing a next education that’s going to determine your career. All the best.

What if the Earth STOPS Spinning

What if the Earth STOPS Spinning

Short Documentary Life of #MuhammadAli

Short Documentary Life of #MuhammadAli

Kamal Hasan Interview

Kamal Hasan Interview

Things #TODO for India to become a superpower

Things #TODO for India to become a superpower. Will the Indian politician unit Indian instead of divining them in the name of #Religion, #Caste, #Language, #State, etc..