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6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Mohamed, not sure if you are still following up that blog, but I’d love to talk to you about a a project we are starting…. feel free to contact me, Philippe

      1. I imagine you are. Anyway, we are not looking for free advices, rather some consulting. Just in case….

  2. Thank you for your website. It is very technical and detailed.

    I would like to learn Ubuntu Server (not desktop). The server edition does not have a desktop and is command prompt based. I am very familiar with Windows and Windows Servers, IIS 5 and IIS 6 as well as with MS-DOS. What I am looking to do is to be able to set up an experimental Linux web server. I have installed Apache on Windows test servers successfully but would like to do so with Linux. How long would it take a typical person with my level of knowledge to learn how to set up and administer a Linux webserver?

    Thank you.

    1. Setting up a Linux web server should be easier than windows more stable and flexible too. There are plenty of tutorials in the net to installing apache in Linux (just Google). especially in Ubuntu it is much easier than you could imagine just few steps then your could run up the server. more over in Linux based serer you could configure for the purpose beyond your imagination. Since you have configured the apache in window you should already know how to configure it. some small changes needed in Linux thats all. All the best.

      If your are able to make things happen in the first time itself then you have not learned. more you face problem more you learn

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