URGENT: Signature Campaign to boycott Uniform Civil Code

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The All India Muslim Personal Law board along with all prominent Muslim organizations, has opposed the Law Commission’s questionnaire on the possibility of a Uniform Civil Code (UCC). Announcing that they would boycott the entire exercise, the organizations accused the NDA government of threatening the pluralistic fabric of India.

Irrespective of your religion you need to sing this petition, else in the name Uniform Civil Code some day they may ban you from following your religion, customs, etc.

You can read the Press release by AIMPLB here http://aimplboard.in/press-release.php

What you need to do ?

  1. You should boycott the Law Commission’s questionnaire for Uniform Civil Code (UCC)

  2. Instead You should submit a signature campaign, to oppose the Uniform Civil Code (UCC)

How to submit the signature?

  1. Online: Goto this link https://goo.gl/38K2I6 to summit petition on-line via change.org

  2. Sign the petition in a paper form (attached form). Even though you do online do it sing the paper petition.

Who should sing the form ?

  • Every Indian, irrespective of their religion
  • Everyone in your family, the old, adult, even the child of age 1 or lesser.
  • Evey village, town, city, street, house, etc.
  • Also include your friends, your relatives, your neighbors, etc.
  • Save as many as signature as you can.
  • This is irrespective of any organization, you should sing the petition.

Where to send the from ?

There are lots of Muslim organization involved in collecting and submitting this form. If any one in your area is collecting the form give it them.

Or else send it via postal mail to below address

Makka Masjid
822, Anna Salai,
Chennai – 22.

For more info

Call 75500 22282

Checkout Jumma Bayan Samsudheen Kashimi – Maka Masjid.

Last date to submit the form

November 1st 2016

Next what?

Share this message with as may as friend you can and raise awareness and send more signature.

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